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The ABC's of Successful Faith Activity Book

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Mayor's Community Service Award Winner

in 2015


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"On the road of life, focusing on others' journeys can cause us to lose our focus and ultimately lose what we are supposed to win.  Don't give up; stay the course."

The Amazing ABCs of Successful Faith uses the ABCs to teach words and faith. They read the sentence, trace the word that starts with the letter, read the verse, apply the verse, and grow in their faith.

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“Antwan Houser a true friend indeed, a guy I’ve seen sacrifice so much for his family, his friends, and his country. Antwan's work with the inner-city youth is impeccable and something I admire. I’m proud to call him friend and I look forward to seeing how he continues to make this world a better place.” 

Corey Parchman, Former NFL Wide Receiver, Entrepreneur and CEO of Mini Men Leadership Academy 


Grab a copy for all the kids and grandkids in your life. You will absolutely love it.
This book has great great stories, beautiful illustrations, powerful lessons and you and your child can even write reflections in the book on the designated pages.

The McKinley Family

"I am really enjoying your book.  This is an excellent job and I think it's an excellent way to teach youth how God is present in all situations."